Protecting Your Rights In State And Federal Courts

If criminal defense is defined as aggressive advocacy for persons accused of serious offenses — crimes at state and federal levels, including drug crimes and violent crimes, and local charges filed against juveniles — then former prosecutor Scott Cactus Lemanski in Corpus Christi lives that definition every day.

At the Cactus Law Office, PLLC, our skilled attorney's full-service criminal law firm protects clients' rights against law enforcement overreach for theft and white collar crime cases, probation violations, expunctions and appeals.

Scott Lemanski puts his more than 10 years of experience, extensive legal knowledge, proven talents at negotiation and litigation, and personal service in your corner after a criminal arrest. He knows how to investigate a case and prepare it for trial. He knows how to bargain for reduction and dismissal of your charges. He knows how to make persuasive presentations before judge and jury. Best of all, he knows how to achieve positive results.

As a former prosecutor, Cactus is well-aware of how the government pursues a criminal prosecution. He anticipates opposing counsel's strategies and responds with timely tactics of his own, which protect your rights. When you retain this knowledgeable Texas lawyer to represent your interests, you have the No. 1 Criminal Defense Attorney in Corpus Christi on your side.

Don't surrender to a bleak future of lengthy incarceration, substantial fines and a criminal record. Act now to ensure that your interests are safeguarded throughout the legal process. Contact the Cactus Law Office, PLLC, today to arrange a free initial consultation. Call us immediately if you have been arrested — 361-779-6036. If you want to stay online to send an email message, we will respond to it promptly.