Were You Arrested For A Federal Felony Or Misdemeanor?

If you have been arrested and charged with smuggling drugs past federal checkpoints, an immigration violation such as illegal re-entry to the U.S., counterfeiting or a serious sex crime — any offense construed as felony or misdemeanor at the federal level — you need the Cactus Law Office, PLLC, in your corner right away.

Experienced Corpus Christi criminal defense attorney Scott Cactus Lemanski consistently defeats prosecutors at trial because he has been a prosecutor. He knows how government lawyers think — how they strategize ways to convict and punish you. He anticipates these strategies and counters with timely tactics of his own, on your behalf, to ensure that your rights are protected.

Handling Federal And State Felonies In Texas Courts For More Than 10 Years

Convictions for federal crimes carry harsh, life-changing punishments: lengthy prison terms, stiff fines that damage your financial future, a criminal record that stays with you forever, and longstanding harm to reputation, job prospects and housing opportunities when a debt to society has been paid.

In South Texas, the one person who stands between you and this bleak outcome is Scott Cactus Lemanski. You can count on his deep knowledge of our criminal justice system, proven negotiation and litigation skills, track record of success and tradition of personal service to put you in the best possible legal position, going forward.

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