Skilled Legal Guidance For Your Minor Child After A Juvenile Crime Arrest

An arrest for DWI, underage drinking, drug possession, a property crime such as vandalism or a college student crime such as public intoxication can immediately put a young person on the wrong foot with Texas law.

Fortunately for your minor child and your family in Greater Corpus Christi, experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Scott Cactus Lemanski believes that our youth deserve a second chance — that misdemeanors committed by minors needn't tarnish their records forever.

Simply put, the juvenile crime defense lawyer you can trust with your son's or daughter's representation is Cactus Lemanski and the Cactus Law Office, PLLC — where our people make the difference.

Even in the event of a guilty verdict, Scott pushes hard for lesser, alternative punishments that send a message but don't taint a youngster's view of the law, long term. He works hard for reduction and outright dismissal of charges that could endanger your teenager's ability to get a job or rent an apartment in the near future. He bargains persuasively with prosecutors, on your behalf, so your minor child will not be a marked, monitored person in your community.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you, sit down with you and discuss a course of action that protects your loved one's rights after a juvenile arrest. This initial consultation is free and completely confidential, conducted in an atmosphere of candor and comfort. Call today — 361-779-6036 — or send an email message.