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Man tries to avoid pot bust by claiming to be youth coach

On Jan. 3, a Texas man was arrested after police found marijuana and other drugs in his car during a traffic stop. The man tried to stop officers from approaching his vehicle by getting out and telling them he was a youth baseball coach.

According to media reports, the defendant was pulled over at approximately 6 p.m. near the intersection of East Texas Avenue and North Pearl Street for failing to have his headlights on. When the officer started walking toward the vehicle, he hopped out and said he was a Mart Youth Baseball and Softball League coach. However, the officer said he smelled marijuana and asked where it was coming from.

Texas co-conspirators sentenced in drug case

On Dec. 21, 2018, a judge imposed a 20-year federal prison sentence on a 52-year-old Texas man who was the lead defendant in a drug case involving 13 people. After being indicted in July, the man pleaded guilty in August to participation in a methamphetamine conspiracy.

The man confessed to being a supplier of heroin and methamphetamine to co-conspirators. In turn, they distributed the drugs from various motels and other locations throughout the Wichita Falls area.

Fugitive of 22 years arrested in Texas for marijuana smuggling

A 58-year-old man finally ended up in the custody of U.S. Marshals after eluding capture on federal marijuana charges for 22 years. An announcement from the U.S. Marshals Service detailed his arrest that took place in South El Paso on the 900 block of South Virginia Street.

A tip to law enforcement in November alerted federal investigators to the man's presence in a South El Paso neighborhood. The U.S. Marshals Service made contact with the fugitive and arrested him peacefully.

FBI drug bust leads to arrest of 13 people in Texas

On Dec. 12, Texas authorities arrested 13 people who were allegedly involved in a drug trafficking operation in Carrollton for the past five years. The defendants are now facing multiple federal drug charges.

According to the Carrollton Police Department, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked local law enforcement officers to monitor a home in the area for drug activity. The home is located across the street from an elementary school in Grand Prairie. The investigation led to a raid at the property that reportedly yielded around 5 kilograms of methamphetamine and 380 grams of heroin, which had a street value of approximately $24,800. A shotgun was also seized.

What happens if a minor is arrested for DWI?

Everyone makes errors in judgement. When you are young, mistakes occur more frequently. However, some mistakes have more severe consequences than others.

After an underage DWI arrest, you may worry your son or daughter ruined his or her future. Try not to panic. Here is what you should know about DWI penalties for minors in Texas.

How bank fraud is committed and what happens next

Bank fraud involves receiving assets from a financial institution through the use of deception. Bank fraud can also be the attempt to do these things. If a person commits bank fraud in Texas, this could refer to a number of different actions. For example, the person might have stolen or forged checks, set up a fake financial institution to take people's deposits or taken out a fraudulent loan.

Bank fraud, usually considered a white-collar crime, differs from bank robbery in that it is done secretly. It may happen online or offline. Counterfeiting, identity theft and automatic payment systems fraud are all crimes associated with bank fraud. The U.S. Secret Service investigates these types of crimes. Local law enforcement and bank fraud investigators who work for financial institutions may also investigate them. However, bank fraud is usually considered a federal crime because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects bank deposits.

4 alleged meth traffickers indicted by Texas grand jury

Evidence presented by investigators convinced a federal grand jury to approve indictments against two women and two men in Smith County for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine. The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Drug Enforcement Administration joined Smith County Sheriff's Office narcotics investigators during a seven-month investigation of alleged drug trafficking activity.

Federal prosecutors in the state's eastern district convened the grand jury to evaluate information against the four suspects. Evidence described by investigators included the seizure of 4 kilograms of methamphetamine and two firearms that they reportedly found while arresting the four suspects.

Majority of defendants in Texas drug bust going to federal prison

Seventeen people arrested during an investigation run by the Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement agencies have received their sentences in federal court in Taylor. For 14 defendants, their sentences for drug trafficking ranged from 15 months to 262 months in federal prison. The judge placed two people on probation and released one person for time served.

Sentences resulted from the guilty pleas entered by the defendants. The majority of them accepted charges against them for distributing 5 or more kilograms of cocaine or possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them.

Two Texas men sentenced on federal drug charges

Two Texas men have been sentenced to times in federal prison on drug trafficking charges, according to a federal prosecutor. One of the East Texas men, a 24-year-old from Reklaw, pleaded guilty in March to distributing methamphetamine near a playground. He was sentenced on Oct. 4 to 100 months in federal prison by a judge for the Eastern District of Texas.

Another 26-year-old man from Jacksonville also pleaded guilty to drug charges. He was accused of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute in a location where children were present. He was sentenced to 180 months in prison by a federal district judge on Nov. 15. While the two men were sentenced separately, both had been indicted by a grand jury on Oct. 18, 2017. Federal law enforcement worked with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Jacksonville Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety on the cases.

Police seize 40 pounds of meth in San Antonio

Media outlets in Texas have reported that approximately 40 pounds of methamphetamine was seized on Oct. 30 when deputies from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office and Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided a San Antonio home. Four men have been taken into custody on federal narcotics charges in connection with the drug haul. Police say that the methamphetamine would have generated more than $1 million in revenue for the alleged drug gang if it had been sold on the street.

Federal court documents reveal that authorities were alerted to drugs being stored at the Wurzbach Road residence after confidential sources helped DEA agents set up two undercover drug buys. During the first buy, two of the men later taken into custody allegedly handed a white trash bag to undercover agents that contained six bundles of methamphetamine. The transaction is said to have taken place in a parking lot on Console Drive.


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