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Man faces 20 years in prison on federal robbery charges

On May 17, a federal criminal complaint alleging that a Texas man was involved in a bank robbery was unsealed. The robbery reportedly occurred on April 5 at a First National Bank located in the 4300 block of Central Texas Expressway in Killeen.

According to the complaint, a 44-year-old man walked into the bank and handed a note demanding money to the teller. The teller complied, giving the man an unspecified amount of money. The accused man was identified by a Crime Stoppers tip from the public.

The man's first court appearance was held on May 17, and he had a second hearing scheduled for May 22 before a U.S. magistrate court. He was being held in prison in the meantime. If he is convicted on the charges, he could potentially face a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

Those who are facing federal charges may be hit with serious consequences, which could include time spent in a federal prison, a lengthy period of supervised release and a criminal record. However, those who are accused of being involved in federal crimes, including robbery, have several options when it comes to defense.

Depending on the evidence against an accused person, a criminal law attorney may use one of several different defenses when fighting federal charges. For example, legal counsel might challenge the evidence outright or offer up other evidence that shows that the accused person was not involved in the crime. If the evidence is strong against the alleged offender, the attorney may show proof that the accused person was under duress, meaning he or she was forced to commit the crime for fear of bodily harm.

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