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Texas trucker gets life sentence for death of 10 immigrants

Last summer, San Antonio police were called to a local Walmart for a welfare check on an 18-wheeler.

Officers discovered 31 people inside the tractor-trailer suffering from heat-related injuries. Eight people had already died, and two later died in the hospital.

Now the truck’s driver has been sentenced to life without parole in federal prison for his role in the tragedy.

The driver pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to transport aliens resulting in death and one count of transporting aliens resulting in death.

The case demonstrates the safety issues around illegally transporting people into the country. It also highlights the steep charges associated with these crimes.

Transporting illegal aliens into the United States is a felony. The penalties include up to five years in prison for each person transported and heavy fines.

The government weighs these crimes heavily because of the danger they pose.

Too often, safety is no consideration when transporting people across the border. Every year, numerous immigrants suffer injury or death while illegally traveling to Texas.

Accusations of federal crimes are grave and should be treated as such. If found guilty, you can spend years in prison and pay large fines.

Finding experienced legal defense should be one of your top priorities if you ever face charges related to any federal crime.

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