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How attorneys develop defense strategies

There are a variety of ways that defendants in Texas can defend themselves against criminal charges. Generally speaking, the type of defense that is chosen depends on what type of strategy a prosecutor uses in a given case. In some cases, the best defense may simply be telling the truth. For instance, an attorney may try to use the facts in the case to show that a defendant tried to avoid committing a crime.

An attorney may also explain events in the case in a manner that will build sympathy for a defendant with the judge or jury. It's also possible that a defendant will attempt to deny the allegations by presenting an alibi. For example, that person could claim that he or she was out of town at the time that a crime was committed.

Typically, legal counsel will consider a variety of factors when creating a defense strategy. These factors may include the credibility of the defendant or witnesses to the crime. If there is tension between police and the community, this may also be used as part of the criminal defense strategy. That may come into play if a defendant doesn't deny committing a crime but believes that the police charged him or her using weak or inadmissible evidence.

Regardless of the type of crime that a person is charged with, he or she generally has the right to an attorney. A criminal defense attorney may use a variety of tactics in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome for a defendant. Strategies may include casting doubt on witness testimony or physical evidence.

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