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2 men face drug charges after seizure of 74 pounds of cocaine

A recent criminal complaint against two Texas men gave few details about the special agents that uncovered their alleged drug trafficking materials. The evidence presented by federal prosecutors described a residence in Brownsville that special agents had been monitoring. They observed a 2014 GMC Sierra come and go from the house in a span of 2 minutes.

Law enforcement officers then stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, a man from McAllen. He reportedly told police that he dropped 30 bundles of cocaine off at the house. The man at the house then subsequently gave agents permission to conduct a search of the premises, which yielded 74 pounds of cocaine. During questioning, the man admitted that his home served as a cocaine distribution point.

Federal authorities have charged both men with conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine. They remain jailed without bond while awaiting their detention hearing.

Convictions on federal drug charges carry harsh penalties. However, a criminal defense attorney could support a defendant who must make high-stakes legal decisions. Legal advice could prevent a person from entering a guilty plea without fully knowing the consequences of that choice. An attorney might obtain a plea bargain for reduced charges by speaking directly with a prosecutor. If evidence was collected by law enforcement unlawfully, then an attorney might ask to have it removed. Violations of Constitutional rights could invalidate evidence and force a prosecutor to dismiss or reduce charges. Other defense strategies might involve the defendant supplying information to criminal investigators in exchange for a lenient plea deal.

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