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Could you secure a plea bargain for testimony or evidence?

Many people who commit crimes do so under the influence or direction of someone else. Organized crime can range from large-scale mafia operations in big cities to a small group of individuals picking pockets or stripping cars in a small town. All too often, it is the lowest level members of these organizations who get caught by law enforcement and face consequences.

In other words, the individuals who face the most risk often have the least control over these criminal activities. If you got caught by police and now have to face criminal charges related to the theft, illegal immigration, drug manufacturing or drug trafficking, plea bargains could play a role in your defense strategy.

What is a plea bargain?

A plea bargain is a special arrangement between a defendant and the prosecution. Typically, the prosecution offers certain concessions in exchange for the defendant agreeing to plead guilty.

Those concessions could be sealing your record, reducing the crime to which you plead guilty or reducing the penalties associated with the charge. The more bargaining power you have when you come to the table with the prosecutor, the more beneficial the final agreement may be.

Those who can help punish other criminals may receive special consideration

If you know the names of individuals higher up in a criminal organization or have information that could help law enforcement track the activities of that group, a prosecutor may be more likely to work with you in a plea bargain.

Generally speaking, law enforcement and prosecutors both want to get the most influential and dangerous criminals off the streets, not just the people who follow their orders. In some cases, the state may even be willing to keep your identity a secret to protect you from criminal repercussions for your decision.

You should work with an attorney to negotiate your plea bargain

Even if you are a lawyer, you will do yourself a great disservice by attempting to negotiate a plea bargain on your own behalf. It is almost impossible to keep a calm and clear head when facing criminal consequences.

Your criminal defense attorney will know Texas law and be able to help negotiate the most beneficial plea bargain possible. They can also advise you if such a plea bargain is in your best interest or if your case would be better if you go to court. The first step toward securing a plea bargain is sitting down to discuss your situation with a criminal defense attorney.

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