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Study finds chocolate interferes with marijuana testing

More than 30 states, including Texas, allow the use of some form of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. That means that more marijuana products, including cookies, gummies and brownies, are hitting the market every day. However, because the legalized pot industry is still in its infancy, much is still unknown about the potency of these products, which can be a problem for consumers who are prescribed a certain dose for pain or those who want to control their buzz.

For example, a new study finds that chocolate may interfere with marijuana potency testing. That means that a chocolate product that supposedly has 10 milligrams of THC, the chemical in marijuana that makes humans high, could actually contain much more. This could lead to someone suffering hallucinations or other uncomfortable symptoms associated with intense THC highs. According to the authors of the study, chocolate appears to interfere with THC test results, making a product appear less potent than it actually is. They theorize this is because the THC binds to the fat molecules in the chocolate, hiding it from detection. The research will be presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego in early September.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies still don't have an accurate roadside test to identify THC-impaired drivers. However, a Canadian government lab is currently developing a sensor that uses light and nanoparticles to find cannabinoid particles in saliva or breath moisture. The device is still years away from hitting the market.

Defendants facing charges for driving while drugged or other drug crimes might need the help of a criminal defense attorney. The lawyer could challenge the prosecution's evidence, including any drug tests that were performed, and work to get the charges dismissed. If necessary, legal counsel may also attempt to negotiate a plea deal that lowers the charges and penalties.

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