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Facing drug trafficking charges? Act to protect your rights

Drug trafficking charges are among the most serious, heavily penalized charges a person can face in the United States, and the sentencing in Texas is often particularly harsh. If you recently received drug trafficking charges, you cannot waste any time in building your legal defense. Without a strong legal defense, you may spend many years behind bars and suffer other life-altering consequences.

While some states take a more-or-less lenient approach to drug crimes, Texas is not one of them. In fact, the typical sentencing for drug crimes in Texas is often harsher than other states. While it is never wise to take drug charges lightly, a drug trafficking conviction in Texas can change the rest of your life for the worse.

What is the evidence against you?

A strong defense typically involves carefully reviewing the evidence against you. Prosecutors are talented at assembling a strong case using whatever evidence they have, and the sooner that you understand the evidence your prosecution has, the sooner you can begin looking for weaknesses.

Of course, the longer you wait to request this evidence properly, the less time that you have to review it. The law provides only a short window of time for defendants to review this evidence, so any procrastination in requesting the evidence against you shrinks this window of time considerably.

Once you understand the evidence against you, you can more effectively protect your rights and future freedoms with a strong legal defense.

Avoid discussing the details

Many of us feel compelled to talk out our stressful experiences with close friends, coworkers and family members. While this is a natural tendency for humans, it is not helpful when facing drug trafficking charges.

When you share details of your charges and the circumstances surrounding your arrest with others, this places them in danger, or at least in a very difficult position. If prosecution believes that a person associated with you may have information about your case, that person may have to testify about the matter. Not only does this place immense strain on this relationship, it may bring additional legal trouble to people who have little or no connection to the underlying charges.

It is wise to avoid discussing the matter with anyone who does not represent you as your attorney. You attorney must keep everything you say confidential as a part of their duties, making this relationship one of the few safe places to discuss your legal troubles.

Begin defending your rights today

If you have not begun building your defense, today is the day to start the process. Even waiting a day or two longer may mean missing out on important defensive opportunities. At the same time, the longer that you wait to build your defense, the more time that prosecution has to work against you unimpeded. A strong, carefully built defense keeps your rights secure while you work through this difficult personal chapter and look forward to the next.

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