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February 2020 Archives

Paper suggests ways to reduce juror racial bias

Criminal defense attorneys in Texas can reduce juror racial bias by addressing discrimination during trials and pretrial hearings, according to a new paper by an assistant federal public defender in Arizona. The document dealt with bias against Latinos, but its findings could be applied to any minority defendant.

Unreliable psychological tests often used in courtrooms

Many psychological and IQ tests that are used in courtrooms in Texas and across the country may be unreliable. The use of such tests may sway a jury, influence custody decisions or result in a person being denied bail or sentenced to capital punishment. A recent study looked at the validity of such tests.

Former law enforcement officer convicted for drug crimes

Texas residents who are accused of being involved in drug crimes should understand the harsh penalties they might face if they are convicted. This applies to anyone, including law enforcement. A recent case involving a former police officer shows the potential personal and professional consequences of a drug conviction.

Woman pleads guilty to transporting drugs through Texas

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Texas announced on Jan. 29 that a Florida woman admitted to transporting illegal drugs. The 41-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident entered a guilty plea to a single count of cocaine possession with the intent to distribute on Jan. 28. The investigation that led to the woman's plea was conducted by officers from the Beaumont Police Department and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Are the CBD products you see everywhere legal in Texas?

It seems like you can't throw a stone these days without hitting a business advertising CBD products for sale. Given that most people hadn't heard of this compound a decade ago, its prevalence today can feel overwhelming. For those not totally familiar with the term, CBD is an acronym for a cannabinoid, one of the active compounds in cannabis, also called marijuana.


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