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Former law enforcement officer convicted for drug crimes

Texas residents who are accused of being involved in drug crimes should understand the harsh penalties they might face if they are convicted. This applies to anyone, including law enforcement. A recent case involving a former police officer shows the potential personal and professional consequences of a drug conviction.

The officer, 44, received a 10-year prison sentence for various crimes conducted with drug traffickers. The investigation started in 2011. As it moved forward, officers were said to be involved. They were alleged to have portrayed themselves as drug transporters. However, they sold what they were supposed to be transporting and told the drug providers that the drugs had been seized in law enforcement raids.

To hide their activities, they created fake bundles for seizure. The officer took the stand in his own defense and denied taking part in these acts. He was still found guilty. This officer was part of a group of officers who were accused of conspiring with drug organizations to steal drugs. He was said to have taken part in over 10 seizures in his duties as an officer.

There were complex plots in which fake drugs were left for the officer to seize. In July, another officer was convicted of taking part in the scheme. That officer also faces trial for other allegations including threats to a Homeland Security agent. Being charged with drug crimes can have an extensive impact on a person's life. Regardless of the charges, having legal advice can be critical to crafting a strong defense. There could be issues with the investigation, the evidence could be tainted or other factors could hinder the prosecution. An attorney experienced in providing defense for clients who are facing drug charges may be able to help.

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