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Texas man on trial for drug trafficking

In early March, the trial of a Texas man charged with trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine began in the Texarkana Division of the Eastern District of Texas. The defendant, age 28, was charged with additional crimes following his arrest in 2017.

The defendant is reportedly one of several people accused of trafficking meth and cocaine in Dallas and the East Texas area. He is on trial for allegedly conspiring to traffic large amounts of meth and cocaine, using a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense and threatening a witness. The witness intimidation charge came while he was in custody for the drug and weapons charges, and he was additionally charged with possession of contraband in prison. He pleaded guilty to the possession charge the morning his trial began. His sentencing will take place at a later date.

Four of the defendant's co-defendants have already pleaded guilty and received their sentences. One man was sentenced to 151 months in prison in February 2018, another was sentenced to 120 months in October 2018, a third was sentenced to 188 months in December 2018 and a fourth was sentenced to 97 months in January 2020. All of the defendants were convicted of various drug conspiracy offenses.

A defendant accused of drug crimes might assume they have no option but to plead guilty and accept whatever punishment is handed down. However, not all drug charges lead to convictions. A criminal defense attorney could represent a defendant's interests in court and do everything possible to protect their future. For example, by contesting the prosecution's evidence, it might be possible to get the charges thrown out or win an acquittal at trial. Under other circumstances, legal counsel might suggest negotiating a plea deal that lowers the charges.

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