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What counterfeiting is and why it's punished so severely here

Counterfeiting can be both a federal or state crime. It involves the manufacturing of imitation goods. The distribution of those items under another person or company's name for profit is also considered to be counterfeiting.

The issue of counterfeiting is a serious problem in the United States. Statistics published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the end of 2013 showed that more than $1.7 billion of counterfeit goods were seized along the U.S.-Mexico border that year.

Counterfeiting is a global issue. It's largely driven by consumer demand whereas customers are focused on getting items for the cheapest prices possible.

There are a variety of consumer items that are counterfeited including electronics, cigarettes, auto and airplane parts, currency, music, medication, software, clothing apparel, food and toys.

Counterfeiting remains a very lucrative enterprise on a global scale. However, there are a lot of dangers associated with the trade of counterfeit goods.

Aside from being illegal, another downside to the production of counterfeit goods is that they tend to be made from cheaper, inferior materials. These products often feature dangerous components that could put a consumer's health and safety at risk. Individuals who purchase counterfeit software, phones or computers could have their identities stolen and fall victim to credit card fraud.

It's illegal for you to purchase counterfeit goods. Entities that typically produce these items have associations with organized crime. Many factories that manufacture these goods use child labor to produce their products.

The existence of counterfeiters in the market takes away significant revenue from legitimate businesses. Local Corpus Christi, state and national communities are greatly impacted by counterfeiters since these entities that operate on the fringes of society don't pay taxes. This means that a portion of the money that they do generate doesn't get allocated to schools, parks, libraries, hospitals or federal programs.

Counterfeiting is a crime that's extremely frowned upon. Prosecutors tend to come down harder on defendants charged with this type of offense because it negatively affects so many people. You may benefit from discussing your case with a criminal defense attorney that has extensive experience in helping defendants like you respond to charges in such Texas cases.

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