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Human trafficking: A damaging crime in the United States

Human trafficking is an extremely serious crime with potentially devastating consequences if you are convicted. Human trafficking is done for dozens of reasons, but regardess of why, it is a grave violation of human rights. Children, men and women may all be trafficked, which means that no one is truly safe.

There are around seven reasons for human trafficking. Among them are kidnapping people for forced labor, for the removal of organs or for slavery. Traffickers may use coercion, deception, fraud, threats, payments or other means to recruit, transport, harbor, transfer or receive other people.

It is a crime to:

  • Attempt to commit a human trafficking offense
  • Organize or direct others in how to commit human trafficking offenses
  • Participate or become an accomplice in a human trafficking offense

It should be clear that human trafficking is generally charged at the federal level. It is a problem nationally and internationally.

Did you know that human trafficking, as a business, is said to be worth around $150 billion? Every day, it's said that thousands of men, women and children are trafficked all over the world. It's believed that there are around 25 million victims of human trafficking in total around the world.

What many people don't understand is that human trafficking doesn't have to take place across national borders. Many of the people who are trafficked today are American-born citizens still within their own country. In addition, another shocking fact is that it's women who make up the majority of actual traffickers.

Knowing how much human trafficking affects the United States and how it impacts its own citizens, you can see why the penalties are so significant. For keeping a person in peonage, for example, you'll face up to 20 years in prison. For other kinds of human trafficking, you could face potential life sentences.

Prison terms, restitution and fines are all possible if a victim of human trafficking escapes and tries to hold their captor liable. If you are mistaken for someone who victimized another person, it's going to be in your best interests to fight back against those charges. If you did get involved in a human trafficking organization, or even if you did it on your own, you'll want to be as honest as you can be with your attorney, so that they can work with you to try to find a good defense and positive outcome for your case.

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