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What are the most commonly prosecuted federal crimes?

There are many crimes committed both here in Texas and the United States as a whole every year. While many of the defendants that are arrested are charged with municipal or state offenses, others face federal ones. At least 76,656 federal cases resulted in sentences in 2019. As many as 118 of them involved a corporation or organized offender. The others were tried against individuals.

There's been an uptick in federal charges filed in recent years. The number of cases had declined from 2011 until 2018. They then started to increase again.

Some types of cases have increased in popularity more than others in recent years. Immigration cases have grown by 22.9%. Firearm cases have increased by 12.9%. Drug trafficking cases have gone up at least 5.8%.

Drug possession cases have decreased by 27.5% since 2018 and 75.2% since 2015. Embezzlement, fraud and theft cases have also gone down by 3.5% during the past few years.

At least 40.8% of the defendants that were sentenced in 2019 hailed from one of five different jurisdictions. At least 12.8% were from the Western District of Texas and another 10.2% were from the Southern District of Texas. Another 7.3% of the defendants were prosecuted in the District of Arizona. The other 5.3% and 5.2% of the convicted defendants were from the Southern District of California and the District of New Mexico respectively.

Most of the cases tried in two of the districts were immigration cases. At least 59.9% of the Southern District of California and 81.7% of the District of New Mexico ones tried were immigration-related offenses. Immigration cases made up 38.4% of all federal cases.

Drug cases ranked second at 26.6%. They were followed by firearm cases at 11.1%. Embezzlement, fraud and theft cases accounted for 8.3% of all cases.

If you have been charged with a federal crime, then you're likely facing some serious prison time on the horizon if you've convicted of such an offense. You might consider consulting with an attorney in Corpus Christi if you're facing such charges. Your lawyer can advocate for you in your case when the stakes are high. This is critical if you hope to achieve the best possible resolution in your Texas case.

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