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Those who enable drug traffickers could face legal consequences

Drug trafficking is a very serious issue in Texas. Texas is a state that has a significant issue with drug traffickers in part because drugs can be smuggled across the border from overseas. This is one of the reasons why penalties for drug trafficking in Texas are so high.

Those found guilty of drug trafficking will be charged under state laws if they were found to be trafficking drugs within Texas. However, if they were found to be trafficking drugs across state lines, they'll be subject to federal laws. It's important to note that those who enable drug traffickers can also face legal consequences. In 2019, a former police officer was found guilty of aiding drug traffickers through corrupt activity.

What corrupt actions did the former police officer take?

The former police officer was found guilty of seizing fake cocaine and marijuana in order to aid the drug traffickers. The traffickers planted bundles of fake drugs and partnered with law enforcement officials. They then seized the knowingly planted fake drugs, meaning that there were no arrests and no testing of substances. He was found to have engaged in this practice over 10 times.

What were the legal consequences for the former police officer?

In July 2019, a jury found the former police officer guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute over 5 kg of cocaine. This meant that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and it additionally led to the arrest of more law enforcement officials.

What penalties are drug traffickers subject to in Texas?

The amount and type of drug being distributed are taken into account when sentencing a convicted drug trafficker. Typically drug trafficking sentences can range from two years to 99 years in jail. If you have been wrongly accused of trafficking drugs, you will need to take immediate action so that you can successfully defend yourself.

Sadly, many innocent people are wrongly charged with drug-related crimes each year. This is often because they could not adequately defend themselves. By taking early action to fully understand the law in Texas and build a defense strategy that takes into account the prosecution's likely moves, you'll have the best possible chance of having charges dismissed.

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