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Why do prosecutors offer plea deals?

Plea deals are very common in the US legal system. Approximately 90% of all criminal cases end up with such an outcome every year. Thus, the chances are that prosecutors will offer you a plea deal if you're facing criminal charges. It often involves your acceptance of and sentencing for reduced charges versus taking your chances in court and facing maximize penalties.

Prosecutors often offer plea deals as a way to expedite the legal process. Court dockets are generally overcrowded. Prosecutors usually have heavy caseloads and prefer to focus their efforts on their most serious cases. Defendants can benefit from plea deals by having reduced legal costs and less uncertainty of a trial outcome.

In many cases, plea bargains are reflective of the strengths and weaknesses of a prosecution's case and the probability of them winning the case if it goes to trial. A defendant may agree to lesser charges in exchange for a reduced sentence. They may also decide to plead guilty to certain elements of the crime to avoid having to confess or be found guilty of other charges.

If either side breaks a plea deal, then the other party is likely to go to court to enforce the plea agreement. A defendant may face the prospect of having a plea deal revoked if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain, like, for example, failing to testify against a co-defendant.

In the event you are facing criminal charges, there is a strong likelihood that prosecutors will offer you a plea deal. However, not all plea deals are created equal. An experienced criminal defense attorney can evaluate your Corpus Christi case and help you decide whether pursuing a plea deal is in your best interest. Your lawyer can help you negotiate the best possible agreement with Texas prosecutors if that's the case.

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