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What the penalties associated with drug smuggling are in Texas

Drug trafficking is a significant problem here in Corpus Christi and along many of the border areas of the Lone Star State. Texas has some harshest penalties for those convicted of drug-related crimes as a result. The distribution and delivery of illicit drugs are unlawful per both the Texas Controlled Substance Act and federal law.

Prescription and illicit drug possession are illegal in Texas

When most people hear that someone is facing drug possession charges, they often assume that they have to do with substances such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin or methamphetamine. Few individuals fail to take into account how the possession of prescription drugs can be illegal here in Texas.

Corpus Christi drug courts offer the help addicts need

Drug addiction is a serious issue both here in Texas and elsewhere in the United States. One of the reasons it's so problematic is because the courts tend to focus more on the criminal aspect of drug abuse rather than the human element of addiction. The latter often involves families being torn apart as defendants spend an extended time inside of the prison system.

When are drug crimes prosecuted at the federal level?

If you find yourself charged with a drug crime, then your charges may either be state or federal charges depending on the type of offense that you're alleged to have committed. More serious drug cases such as manufacturing and trafficking cases are handled within the federal court system. They carry with them longer prison sentences and higher fines.

Don't let your drug charges result in you losing your freedom

Controlling the drug trade is a big focus for lawmakers here in Texas. This is why local, state and federal law enforcement officers regularly work together in Corpus Christi and along border regions to try and stop individuals from trying to bring some of the hardest Schedule I drugs including opioids and cocaine into this country. If the police catch you with these, then you're probably facing some severe penalties.

Former law enforcement officer convicted for drug crimes

Texas residents who are accused of being involved in drug crimes should understand the harsh penalties they might face if they are convicted. This applies to anyone, including law enforcement. A recent case involving a former police officer shows the potential personal and professional consequences of a drug conviction.

Woman pleads guilty to transporting drugs through Texas

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Texas announced on Jan. 29 that a Florida woman admitted to transporting illegal drugs. The 41-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident entered a guilty plea to a single count of cocaine possession with the intent to distribute on Jan. 28. The investigation that led to the woman's plea was conducted by officers from the Beaumont Police Department and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration.


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