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How attorneys develop defense strategies

There are a variety of ways that defendants in Texas can defend themselves against criminal charges. Generally speaking, the type of defense that is chosen depends on what type of strategy a prosecutor uses in a given case. In some cases, the best defense may simply be telling the truth. For instance, an attorney may try to use the facts in the case to show that a defendant tried to avoid committing a crime.

Charges dropped against Texas Tech football player

Texas Tech University football player Da'Leon Ward has had a busy few days. The talented running back was taken into custody on felony theft charges on Aug. 21 in connection with a campus investigation into stolen cellphones, but his situation improved significantly the following day when the Lubbock County District Attorney's Office announced that the charges had been dismissed and no further action was planned. In their motion to dismiss, prosecutors said that proceeding further in the case would not serve the interests of justice.

Court rules against revenge porn law

A court in Texas ruled that the state's revenge porn law is too broad and violates the First Amendment. It also asked a lower court to dismiss the case that made the ruling necessary. The attorney general's office in the state is going to lead an appeal of the 12th Court of Appeal's decision. For now, the ruling only applies to communities that are within that court's jurisdiction, but it is possible that other courts in the state will review the law as well.

States prosecuting people associated with overdoses

Texas is one of a number of states that have laws dealing with drug-induced homicide. In an effort to combat the opioid epidemic, law enforcement is increasingly cracking down on people who provide the drugs that lead to another person's fatal overdose. However, some argue that prosecuting these individuals is not the answer and could even increase the incidence of fatalities since people might be less likely to call for medical aid for fear of prosecution.

Most inmates acknowledge their criminal past in new study

With many convictions in Texas, there is a chance that the defendant did not actually commit that crime. According to research conducted in Pennsylvania, the specific odds of that happening are about 6 percent. This was determined by surveys completed by roughly 3,000 people in Pennsylvania state prisons. The study is considered one of the first attempts to determine how often criminals are incorrectly convicted in cases not involving a capital crime.


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