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Cartel leader on trial for drug smuggling

In mid-July, the trial of a 38-year-old man was being conducted under heavy security in a Texas federal courthouse. This was because the man was considered to be the leader of the Cartel de Noreste, which smuggled drugs from Mexico into the state. Authorities believe that he has helped to send thousands of kilograms of marijuana and cocaine into the area while also laundering millions of dollars.

Gang member convicted of drug charges

A 37-year-old man was found guilty of multiple federal drug charges stemming from a traffic stop on Interstate 20 in Texas. The jury in his case found that he was attempting to traffic heroin and cocaine from El Paso to Dallas. Authorities originally stopped the man's Ford Explorer because it had an expired registration sticker. When they made contact with the man, they found that he didn't have a drivers license.

Texan drug lord sentenced to 49 years in prison

A drug lord known as La Barbie, a leader of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel, was sentenced in federal court to 49 years in prison. The 44-year-old man entered guilty pleas to several charges in January of 2016, including conspiracy to distribute cocaine, conspiracy to import cocaine and conspiracy to launder money.

Texas father and son face felony drug charges after traffic stop

Police in Texas say that a tip about suspicious activity at a Hays County apartment complex led to the discovery of almost 50 pounds of marijuana. Media reports indicate that a 56-year-old San Marcos man and his 22-year-old son have been taken into custody in connection with the seized drugs. Both men have been charged with money laundering and felony marijuana possession. Officials have reported that they are being held at a Hays County detention facility and their bail has been set at $18,000.

White supremacist groups linked to Texas drug trafficking

Federal authorities have accused six white supremacist groups of running a narcotics trafficking operation that distributed methamphetamine and other illegal drugs throughout North Texas. An indictment unsealed in federal court on April 30 reveals that 57 members of the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, the Aryan Circle, the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, the Peckerwoods and the Dirty White Boys face a raft of charges including kidnapping and drug trafficking. Police say that their investigation into the alleged drug trafficking group began in 2015.

Sentencing hearing concludes investigation into drug ring

A 29-year-old Texas man has been sentenced to 30 years in federal custody for running a drug distribution ring that trafficked significant quantities of methamphetamine in the Lubbock area. Five other individuals were handed down prison terms ranging from seven to 20 years during the April 13 sentencing hearing. Police say that the investigation into the group's activities began in March 2017 when a confidential source allegedly purchased an ounce of methamphetamine from the man for $650.

Toilet clogs and couple now faces serious Texas drug charges

Among the unpleasant events that can happen in Corpus Christi homes, one of the most unpleasant is when a toilet backs up. It is even more unpleasant when the toilet is clogged by illegal drugs as police are raiding the home, a Kingsville man recently learned.


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